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Let's figure out which service is the right fit for you.


Developmental Edit

A developmental edit looks at the big picture. This edit would focus on plot pacing, continuity, characterization, point of view, timeline, and other structural elements. We would collaborate on developing the ideas brought up during this edit.

Starting at $.03 per word


A copyedit shifts the focus to the sentence level. This edit would primarily be related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and style consistency. I would also make suggestions regarding word choice, repetition, and phrasing.

Starting at $.025 per word


If your manuscript has already been professionally edited, then a final proofread may be all you need before publishing. The goal is to catch lingering typos and any minor issues remaining.

Starting at $.015 per word

  • How do I reserve a spot in your editing schedule?
    When I have an idea of the scope of work for your project, I will suggest a potential start date based on my availability. You can book your spot immediately by supplying a deposit of 50% of the total cost. If your project is still in the works, we can set a tentative date for when you expect to be ready for editing.
  • Will you provide an editing sample?
    Yes! Committing to an editor for a large work may be a daunting choice. For manuscripts over 20,000 words, I will provide a copyediting sample on the first 2,000 words. Due to the nature of developmental edits being big-picture work, a short excerpt won't give the best sample of this type of edit. Let's talk instead about your vision for the manuscript and what you hope to get out of an edit, and then you can determine if we're a good match. I am happy to provide a proofreading sample as well. Ideally, a proofread should have minimal edits, so there may not be many changes suggested in a sample of 2,000 words. Nevertheless, a sample may give you some confidence in whether our work processes are well aligned.
  • Can you help me figure out what type of editing I need?
    Yes! Let's chat about where you are in your publishing journey and what you hope to accomplish in this editing step.
  • What style guides are you proficient in?
    Most book publishers prefer the Chicago Manual of Style, which I am well versed in. It is also my personal preference when editing for independent authors if they don't have a preference. I also have extensive experience with AP from my work with magazines and social media marketing.
  • Do you outsource your editing?
    No. With every job that I commit to, I do all the editing myself. You don't have to worry about me subcontracting to another editor whose quality of work you haven't had the chance to vet.

Have more questions?

Contact me directly to talk more about availability, pricing, expectations, and more. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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