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Book Editing Portfolio


Until Then by Heidi McLaughlin

Words We Whisper

The Words We Whisper by Mary Ellen Taylor


Honeysuckle Season by Mary Ellen Taylor


I See You by Mary Burton


Under Darkening Skies by Ray Kingfisher


Good Catch by Jennifer Bardsley


Sweet Bliss by Jennifer Bardsley

history of us

The History of Us by Jennifer Bardsley


A Cage for One by Tina Fitzgerald


The Aviatrix by Violet Marsh


Velocity of a Secret by Violet Marsh


Know You by Heart by Tif Marcelo


For the Best by Vanessa Lillie

41QCv8-P4JL._SY346_ (1)

A Broken Bone by Melinda Leigh


Deadly Waters by Dot Hutchison


Below the Bones by Kendra Elliot


Why, Gary, Why? by Jody Plauche


The Jagged Journey by Chuck Crumpton


Tears of Onions by Shahla Shahmiri


This is Me Doing Life by Victoria McCune


Deep Flavors by Kenneth Horwitz


No More Dodging Bullets by Amy Herrig

Grocery Line

Life on the Grocery Line by Adam Jonathan Kaat

Jack Daly

Jack Daly's Life by Design by Jack Daly

Magazine Editing Portfolio

Book Proofreading Portfolio


Dark Tomorrow by Reece Hirsch


This Terrible Beauty by Katrin Schumann


Trust No One by Debra Webb


The Gifted Journey by Stephanie Moore


Your Ad Could Go Here by Oksana Zabuzhko


Thicker Than Blood by Mike Omer


Interference by Brad Parks


Whisper of Bones by Melinda Leigh



Phil Fretwell, January 20, 2021

Author of Savage Marriage

Mindi is my top choice when selecting an editor because she is well-versed, thorough, and does well editing even the most complex content. I’ve been working with her for 6 months, but conversing for longer. 


We met with a client in June, and Mindi was professional and lovely. Most of my other editors have 20+ years of experience, and some still have areas for improvement. However, Mindi is skilled beyond her years, provides updates, delivers on time (usually early), is adaptable to any genre, and manages her time well. I’m always pleased with her work, and highly recommend her. 

Michelle Morse

Founder and CEO of Inspire On Purpose Book Publishing

Mindi provided a line edit on my 80,000 word memoir and did a fantastic job! She was highly detailed and her comments demonstrated a thorough understanding of the CMS rules. I plan to use Mindi on future projects.

Phil Fretwell

Author of Savage Marriage

Mindi Machart, a brilliant editor, showed her patience with me and her dedication to the book by editing it three times, due to my incessant desire to change bits and pieces. I am extremely grateful for her advice and conscientious work—especially late one despairing Friday night for recovering all the edits I had lost.

Ian Palmer

Author of FracMan Conflicted and The Shale Controversy

I found Mindi through a mutual friend who had seen her work before and recommended her as an editor. Mindi edited about 10 blog posts for me. She was quick, precise, and very pleasant to work with. She explained each of her edit suggestions and gave me feedback on my work. She showed a true interest in me and my work and has such a happy spirit.


You can tell that Mindi not only edits because she is amazing at it and has a true gift for it, but also because she lives what she does. I will certainly be using her again and refer her to anyone looking for an editor. Thank you Mindi for all of your passion, hard work, and positive energy!

Kendall Stanley

Health Blogger and Nutrition Coach

Mindi goes above and beyond. There will never be a project too big or too small for Mindi. From marketing research papers and websites to social media posts and emails, Mindi has been my go to girl for editing in both my personal and professional life for the past three years.


Mindi is deeply knowledgeable about a variety of subjects and is fearless when approaching any industry. Her unique ability to alternate between an editor's and the audience's perspective is crucial when I am trying to communicate out of the box solutions to complex issues. Mindi's comprehensive approach to editing allows her work product to be flawless.


I have been very pleased with Mindi's work product, creativity, promptness and communication. I highly recommend her for any project you may have.

Brooke Byrum

CMO at Patel Gaines

I began working with Mindi Machart in February 2017. She has edited an 83,000 word novel for me and is currently editing my next project, which will be approximately 90,000 words when completed in May.

Mindi has proven herself to be consistent, knowledgeable, and very efficient in her editing style. I’m always pleased with the effort she puts into her work and feel I receive the best product. She is not only prompt but routinely finishes ahead of my time schedule.

I highly recommend Mindi. She will be an asset to any position she undertakes in the future.

Stacey Zink

Christian Fiction Author

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Mindi Machart

Professional Book Editing
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